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(dòrlach – noun masc. /t̪ɔːrˠl̪ˠəx/ handful, bundle, good deal, considerable quantity or number)

Lean gu dlùth ri cliù do shinnsear! (Follow closely to the repute of your ancestors) Dòrlach is a Scottish micro-charity which seeks to encourage the building of intercultural solidarity across minoritised peoples worldwide and a return to indigenous practice in Gaelic Scotland.

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With support from Bòrd na Gàidhlig.


A musical collaboration between Yt DiNGO and Àdhamh Ó Broin.

This is a new collaboration between our convener Àdhamh Ó Broin and talented Australian musician Yt DiNGO. The music video is out now and is available to buy. Yt DiNGO will donate 50% of the profits of the sale to Dòrlach.

A Forgotten Gaeldom

A new monthly blog sharing extracts from the diaries of Dàibhidh MacLeòid, great-grand-uncle of Dòrlach convenor Àdhamh MacLeòid Ó Broin, spanning the period 1874-1892 in the Parish of Latheron, Caithness. Beginning on the 148th anniversary of the writing of the diaries, the blog also contains supplementary information on genealogy, local history and the Gaelic dialect of Latheron Parish and surrounding area.

Silent Auction

We are auctioning this lovely painting by the very talented artist and rancher Brad Phares entitled An Gàidheal (The Gael). We asked Brad to paint a picture of the anonymous Gael in our logo.  We hope it isn’t too obvious who our model was!

Submit your bids to: rop@dorlach.scot
Minimum bid £200 – please put the amount you want to bid in the subject line. Bidding will close some time in the New Year.

3 weeks ago

Air ais ann an Dùn Éideann ri linn Victoria a’ cumail oirnn tro leobhar-latha Dhàibhidh. Fhuair e naidheachd, air an ceann-latha seo fhéin ann an 1876, gun do chaochail a sean fhastaiche a bh’ aige am measg iomadh rud eile ré na mìosa.Back in Victorian Edinburgh keeping going through David MacLeod’s diary. He gets the news, on this exact date in 1876, that his former employer has died amongst the other everyday events during the month.Ceangal sna h-iomraidhean | Link in the comments#Gàidhlig #Gaelic #Scottishgaelic #Dùthchasach #Tùsanach #Indigenous #Cleachdi #Alba #Scotland #Gàidhealtachd #Highlands #Gàidheal #Gael #Gaels #Highlander #Highlanders #Carthannas #Charity #ÀdhamhÓBroin #Clan #Clearences #Fuadaichean #Cataibh #Sutherland #Gallaibh #Caithness See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

DEEP ROOTS GATHERINGA marvellous experience a month ago with some fantastic people investigating indigenous crafts, language, story and simple ceremonial practice.Here I am pictured with our elder Seumas Domhnallach as we share lore from the traditions of our Gaelic ancestors.In pride of place on the table in front of me is the “cocar” gifted to me by my soul-sister and comrade Narubia Werreria of the Karajá People, made by their elder Daniel Coxini ❤️Thog na laithean seo mo chridhe gu mór 🙏🏻Àdhamh#indigenous #Gàidhlig #Gaelic #lore #storytelling #Karajá #Scotland #Highlands #Brasil #AmazonRainforest #ancestors See MoreSee Less
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Le gach beannachd air an àm,

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